Stock Market Simulation – April Update

This is our April 2019 update for our practice stock trading series where we are doing a stock simulation and documenting how we are doing.

To see our January 2019 start, take a look at our article Our 2019 Portfolio for Practice Stock Trading. The January post shows where we began in 2019.

We started with $25,000 in each virtual account and are tracking our progress using two different stock simulator apps: Virtual Stock Market Game App for the hand-picked stocks and Best Brokers Stock Market Game App for the mutual fund.

We had another good month in March with both portfolios, despite some declines in a couple of stocks. As of April 1st, 2019, here are our portfolios:

The stock portfolio stands at $28,337.74, which is a 3.5% during the month of February and a 13.4% gain from our initial January 1st investment of $25,000. Apple Computers had a strong month, now the largest gainer in our portfolio:

march stock portfolio

The mutual fund portfolio stands at €30,139.00, which is a 20.6% gain from our initial January 1st investment of €25,000 and a 4.1% gain in the month of March. The mutual fund app graphic is below:

march mutual fund

Overall the Vanguard fund continues to perform better than the individual stock portfolio. Tesla has continued to perform poorly – good thing we didn’t have a large investment here.  The Vanguard Mutual Fund is a strong performer, now over 21% for the year so far.

We will continue our monthly updates to our practice stock trading portfolio and mutual fund comparison throughout the year, so be sure to check in with our stock simulation next month!

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